Stoked On Fixed Bikes was founded by photographer and rider Greg Falski in London 2011.

The Magazine is covering competitions, crews, product tests & reviews, interviews and photos of passionate riders from around the world.

SOFB Online Magazine features work from the best fixed gear photographers, capturing the essence and energy of the sport. The magazine promotes the subculture and lifestyle of modern day fixed gear riding.



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Founder and Editor

Greg Falski

Greg has been an avid rider of all types of bikes since he was a kid. He studied photography in London and combined his passion for bikes and photography in his magazine Stoked On Fixed Bikes. He is an established sports photographer, and has shot with brands like Vans, Gumball 3000, Ted James Design, Fixed Gear London, Tokyo Fixed, NS Bikes, Charge Bikes, BB 17, Don´t panic magazine, Karpiel Bikes...just to mention a few.


Anto But, Saskia Haex, Marina Fenz.